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Consumer Goods and Retail

Our lawyers in Tunisia provide first class advice based on quality legal expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the Consumer Goods and Retail sector. 

We understand the business demands and we are positioned to advise multinational and smaller retailers as well as consumer goods manufacturers and suppliers on all aspects of their businesses. We have an exceptional track record of having advised some of the world’s leading companies in this sector (from distribution, cosmetics products, to agro-food products) on all aspects of their operations, businesses and commercial transactions.

Experience has included advising:

  • Intercosmetics Distribution in an abusive breakdown of trade relationship with Procter & Gamble;
  • A multinational company in the agro-food industry in the context of an employee dispute; and
  • Omega Negoce International, an exclusive representative of an international brands in an abusive breakdown of a trade relationship.