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Intellectual Property and Technology

Our intellectual property lawyers in Tunisia offer services for securing and enforcing legal rights for leading companies allowing them to expand and protect their technologies, brands, products, data and services around the globe. 

We deal with all legal issues and transactional matters relating to: patents, trademarks and copyrights. We advise on strategies and techniques for protecting, managing and selling intellectual property and also revise contract agreements and provide legal opinions on license agreements.

Experience has included advising:

  • Groupe Scolaire René Descartes in copyright litigation;
  • International clients working in several sectors in trademark registration and copyright litigation matters; and
  • One of the world's largest transportation companies, in a registration procedure before the National Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property.

COVID-19 : Suspension des procédures et des délais

Parmi les mesures exceptionnelles prises par le gouvernement tunisien en vue de faire face à la prorogation du COVID-19 et de contrer les répercussions de la mise en confinement sanitaire totale, un décret-loi n° 8- 2020 en date du 17 avril 2020, relatif à la suspension des procédures et des délais a été adopté le 17/04/2020 et est entré en vigueur le 18 avril 2020. Cet article en décrypte les tenants et aboutissants.

Tunisia: electronic signatures during the COVID-19 pandemic

The confinement decision taken by the Tunisian authorities in response to the spread of the coronavirus has forced companies and all economic actors to reorganize their way of working by adopting teleworking, and also obliging them to change their ways of doing and thinking in order to adapt to this new and unprecedented situation.