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Our lawyers in Tunisia provide clear and helpful legal advice in employment law to clients in several industry sectors. 

We understand the pressure that the client is under, define the issues and facts then we determine what type of legal procedures would be needed. 

We have wide experience in labor law which allows us to advise our clients on restructurings, employee and labor relations as well as collective or individual dismissals.

Experience has included advising:

  • The French Embassy in Tunisia in employment disputes;
  • Singapore Tunisian Investment Company (STIC) in employment disputes;
  • Green Field in employment disputes;
  • An international pharmaceutical company in a labor litigation case;
  • Star Container Tunisia SCT in the negotiation of an amicable dismissal with a manager;
  • An international healthcare company in employment disputes; and
  • Yazaki Group on day to day legal matters including employment law.

Immigration law and practice in the African oil and gas industry

A global economy requires multinationals to adopt a global business strategy, which invariably involves the need to transfer a firm’s most important asset – its people – in a fluid way across national borders. That is why managing the mobilization of expatriate employees in the most efficient way, including handling strategic immigration, labor and tax legal issues, is critical for the oil and gas industry.