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DLA Piper Africa lawyers recognised as Women Leaders

By James Kamau and Peter Somekh

DLA Piper Africa is pleased to announce that nine lawyers from across the continent have been recognised as Women Leaders by legal directory IFLR1000. The IFLR1000 Women Leaders rankings recognise the most prominent female lawyers working in the areas of financial and corporate transactions and contract, licensing and regulatory project work, within their jurisdictions.

To be ranked a Women Leader, lawyers must have outstanding reputations for working on complex or innovative deals or must hold high status within their market for their leadership abilities, as defined by the directory.

These outstanding Women Leaders are:

  1. Ida Djuma - Partner, Rubeya & Co Advocates, (DLA Piper Africa, Burundi)
  2. Sisay Habte - Associate, Mehrteab Leul & Associates, (DLA Piper Africa, Ethiopia)
  3. Anne Kinyanjui - Partner, IKM, (DLA Piper Africa, Kenya)
  4. Norah Mutuku - Partner, IKM, (DLA Piper Africa, Kenya)
  5. Kamami Christine Michira - Partner, IKM, (DLA Piper Africa, Kenya)
  6. Shalinee Dreepaul Halkhoree - Partner, Juristconsult Chambers, (DLA Piper Africa, Mauritius)
  7. Angela Mndolwa - Partner, IMMMA Advocates, (DLA Piper Africa, Tanzania)
  8. Mia Kellerman - Director, Ellis Shilengudwa Inc., (DLA Piper Africa, Namibia)
  9. Farai Nyabereka - Partner, Manokore Attorneys, (DLA Piper Africa, Zimbabwe)

We celebrate these women who are a strong representation of the skill and expertise of DLA Piper Africa’s lawyers across the continent.