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Our tax practice in Angola provides the full range of tax services that address the complex challenges of international commerce and business operations as well as managing and resolving tax disputes. Our team advises leading national and international clients on the complexities of tax legislation and compliance.

Companies operating in the global economy experience complex tax issues, both in their home country and in the jurisdictions in which they do business. This requires a coordinated global delivery of services incorporating knowledge of national legislation as well as the appropriate international perspective.

We advise clients in general tax issues regarding corporate taxes, personal income tax, VAT, customs duties, property tax, stamp duty and can assist in tax litigation.

We provide these international tax services while at the same time offering clients the benefit of local experience and of the attorney-client and work product privileges. We coordinate with DLA Piper offices and liaise with colleagues in other practice areas when the need arises.

Experience has included advising:

  • An architecture firm in a complex tax audit, including administrative and judicial claims;
  • A foreign tech company in the tax structuring of their businesses in Angola, including investing in real estate and purchasing local companies;
  • A national bank regarding tax aspects of international loan agreements;
  • A beverage company regarding custom duty issues arising from the importation of goods to Angola;
  • A payment service company with the registration of their VAT invoicing system and related compliance;
  • A maritime transport company on custom duty issues arising from the temporary importation of vessels; and
  • A maritime transport company in adhering to the special tax amnesty regime.

VAT regime in Angola

The Law n.º 7/19 of April 24th has approved the Value Added Tax Code. The VAT Code was approved within the scope of the tax reform in force in the country and has as its main goal the adoption of a tax without a downfall effect, appropriate to local conditions while being simple and modern enough to face the globalized economy.

Exceptional Regularization of Tax, Customs and Social Security Debts

The Law that approved the General State Budget for the economic year of 2019 (Law no. 18/18, 12.28) established in its article 17 that the regularization of fiscal, customs and social security debts, whose tax events occurred until 31 December 2017, are made without the payment of interest, fines and procedural costs.