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We have a strong presence in the Industrials sector, advising manufacturers, importers and producers in financing, installation, construction, structuring, licensing, tax benefits, foreign investment processes, mergers and acquisitions and compliance. 

Our advice involves the participation of the different practice areas of our firm (corporate, commercial, financial services, litigation & regulatory, employment, tax, IPT). 

Clients benefit from our knowledge as well as our commitment to practical, timely service, support and involvement in the sector. Our experience spans metals and construction materials, industrial and advanced engineering, chemicals and paints, automotive, aerospace, military and food and beverages. 

Our lawyers' experience in supply chain legal advice positions us to support the diverse needs of industrials in Angola and on a global scale.

Experience has included advising:

  • A cement factory regarding financing, production, importation of raw materials, among others, involving various areas of practice (financial services, employment, projects, litigation & regulatory, corporate and commercial);
  • The largest metal components factory operating in Angola with corporate, commercial, employment, tax, real estate, litigation & regulatory issues;
  • A leading company for the production of fit out in office buildings, with the production of materials and equipment for the construction industry, in the areas of real estate, corporate, commercial, employment, tax, litigation & regulatory; and
  • A leading Angola wood manufacturer regarding corporate, commercial, financial services, employment, tax, litigation & regulatory issues.