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Media, Sport and Entertainment

Our team in Angola has experience in the media and entertainment industries, including finance, lending, investment and corporate affairs, production and rights acquisitions, media rights exploitation, intellectual property and enforcement, regulatory and administrative issues and on the resolution of disputes. 

We advise broadcasters, television producers, advertisers, rights holders, agencies, productions distributors, sponsors, investors and other leading corporations and individuals.

Experience has included advising:

  • A foreign company providing television productions and content regarding corporate, finance and projects, IPT and regulatory issues;
  • A leading Angolan radio and television advertising company regarding corporate, employment, IPT and regulatory issues;
  • An international service provider in litigation against Angolan radio and national television channels;
  • An international content operator in extrajudicial proceedings against a private television channel in Angola;
  • A leading corporate travel sales company with commercial, corporate, tax, litigation, regulatory, employment and IPT issues; and
  • A client in the context of the acquisition of an equity interest in an Angolan tourism and leisure company including due diligence, negotiation and agreements.