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Real Estate

Our lawyers in Angola offer a full range of real estate services, including planning and development, construction, leasing, acquisitions and disposals, asset management, financing, fundraising and tax compliance. 

We act for property developers and for building constructors and owners for residential, commercial, service and industrial purposes, for agrobusiness and industrial landowners, as well as for banks, investors, real estate service providers and other active player groups in real estate sector. 

Real estate has emerged as an attractive long-term investment for investors seeking diversification and stable yields in an uncertain economy. As a sector, real estate must both compete with other investment classes and offer a desirable product to end-users whether they are buying or leasing. In recent years the real estate market in Angola has become more sophisticated and with the intervention of a growing diversity of operators. 

This sector is of particular importance for our firm, taking into consideration the current development and expansion of the Angolan market, sustained by growing local and foreign investment.

Experience has included advising:

  • A client with a large real estate portfolio in Luanda in the context of the construction and implementation of various property development operations, followed by negotiation of purchase and sale deals, sale and lease-back operations, financing, disinvestment, restructuring and due diligences;
  • A client in the context of the complete rehabilitation of Luanda's main office building, with the legal renewal and the definition of the leasing legal regime, operation management, building management and lease agreements;
  • Clients in conducting real estate developments for the construction of several residential projects with hundreds of urban housing units in the form of buildings, villas and condominiums in and around Luanda and in various provinces of Angola;
  • Real estate investors active in industrial parks by conducting various real estate development operations including the purchase of land, the construction of industrial areas and the sale or lease of units;
  • A leading international company in Angola in the space planning and fit out sector in offices with works in the main buildings and towers of the capital;
  • One of Angola's leading companies in the asset valuations and audits and real estate consultancy in the context of a restructuring;
  • Client with real estate developments in the execution of different bank financing operations for acquisition of the land, construction, sale, lease or exploitation of buildings for residential, offices, industry, shopping and factories;
  • Clients with real estate developments for tourism and leisure purposes, set-up of surface rights, usufruct rights, usage rights, housing rights, urban leasing (for residential, commercial and industrial purposes), rural leasing and property management; and
  • Clients with the negotiation of project finance agreements, works contracts, joint venture, consortium and development of public-private partnerships in the real estate sector.
  • For the fourth consecutive year, the Best Real Estate Law Firm in Angola, by the Euromoney Real Estate Awards 2019