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Consumer Goods and Retail

We are involved in all levels of the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, from raw material producers to manufacturers, importers, carriers, distributors and major traders. Our team in Angola is positioned to guide companies on specific legal and regulatory challenges in the food, beverage, apparel, footwear, telecommunications, technology and vehicle sectors, including distribution and sale in supermarkets, retail stores, direct sales, mail, telephone, online, e-marketplaces or automatic machines. 

The value of our consumer goods and retail sector comes from offering commercially sound advice across the full range of legal issues affecting those participating in these markets in Angola. We advise these companies on legal issues such as regulatory compliance, intellectual property, franchise agreements, distribution, commercial, real estate, tax, marketing and advertising agreements.  

Companies operating in today's global consumer goods and retail sector must adapt to an increasingly competitive environment and at the same time navigate an ever more complex array of regulatory requirements. Understanding and complying with these requirements is an integral component of strategic growth, from R&D through to manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Experience has included advising:

  • A leading global beverage company in a legal due diligence, review and drafting of all corporate, commercial, industrial, real estate and financial agreements, production, import and distribution agreements, employment, marketing, merchandising, advertising, IPT and litigation & regulatory, and regarding compliance with Angola's strict framework covering alcoholic beverages;
  • Angola's leading distributor of soft drinks, chocolates and ice cream in all legal, commercial, corporate, IPT, litigation & regulatory, tax, employment, financial and real estate matters;
  • A global beverages company that is leader in Africa (and in Angola) in the production, distribution and sale of beer and soft drinks;
  • Angola's leading agricultural producer for supermarkets, malls and hypermarkets on commercial, litigation and labor law; and
  • A leading company representing a Brazilian footwear brand in all legal matters related to commercial, corporate, litigation, tax, employment, financial and real estate law.