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Our lawyers work with many of Angola's leading technology companies, offering advice in a broad range of areas – from corporate transactions to IP protection, patent law, litigation, regulatory, compliance, employment and commercial issues. 

We have consolidated experience in this sector, assisting our clients in new technology spaces. From startups to fast growing and mid-market businesses to mature global enterprises, our clients are companies that develop or create technology, are enabled by technology, or whose business model is fundamentally based on technology.

We advise technology companies throughout the business life cycle.

Experience has included advising:

  • One of the most innovative Angolan technology companies with issues relating to their data centers, cloud services, microwave, e-commerce, internet and data and voice traffic. The client provides these services to banks, funds, multinationals and insurance companies;
  • One of the largest international operators in Angola in the privatization process of mobile phone licenses;
  • One of the largest ecommerce companies in the world in making their services and products available in Angola;
  • Domestic and foreign technological companies in licensing operations processes for products, services and technological solutions;
  • In the context of international investment transactions in the sector, including mobile telecommunications and mobile payment services;
  • In the context of the elaboration, negotiation and management of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) agreements between a domestic operator and a global satellite company.

Personal Data in Angola

Personal data protection in Angola is regulated by Law No. 22/11 of 17 June 11, the Personal Data Protection Law (LPDP), which determines the legal rules applicable to the processing of personal data. Various regulatory obligations related to compliance with the LPDP provide for notification to the regulator, the Data Protection Agency (APD).