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Life Sciences

Our life sciences lawyers in Angola have legal and scientific knowledge and understand the complexity of the business and regulatory environments in which our clients operate. 

The challenges facing today’s pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies are greater than ever. For companies to take promising therapies from the laboratory to the market, they must protect those therapies from IP, regulatory and reputational risks. 

We combine subject matter experience with considerable knowledge of the sector, including the scientific, medical, regulatory, commercial, employment, corporate and enforcement environments facing our pharmaceutical, medical device, research and diagnostics clients.

Experience has included advising:

  • Domestic and foreign companies that operate in the management of medical and hospital units regarding corporate, employment, public tenders, real estate and litigation and regulatory issues;
  • Domestic and foreign companies operating in the area of distribution, sale and supply of pharmaceutical and medical products for hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies, regarding corporate, commercial, tax, employment and litigation and regulatory issues;
  • An Angola company that owns pharmacies regarding corporate, commercial, employment and litigation and regulatory issues;
  • One of the world’s leading life sciences companies in their incorporation in Angola and legal assistance to the local branch;
  • One of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies operating in Angola with the importation, distribution and sale of health products and medicine; and
  • In the context of the development of a hospital rehabilitation project with the introduction of medical and hospital equipment.

ESG implications of mine rehabilitation in Africa

In many African countries, mining is the backbone of their economies. Often, however, little consideration is given to environmental, social and governance (ESG) implications when a mining resource has been depleted or becomes uneconomical to mine. An appropriate legal framework that deals with mining rehabilitation is vital as part of sustainable mining.

Climate change measures and disputes

Africa is rich in natural resources, and several African economies are dependent on supplying or using fossil fuels, including South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique, to name a few.