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Kátia Lubaco

Kátia Lubaco

Senior Associate, ADCA

Kátia Lubaco acts in defense of the interests of her clients in civil, criminal and labor claims, all related to the contentious or pending issues of a judicial solution.

Kátia Lubaco’s main activities include: filing and follow-up of legal proceedings, presentation of defenses, appeals and challenges, follow-up of procedural steps such as inspections, expertise and enforcement, and feasibility of alternative solutions for the resolution of disputes.

She seeks to resolve conflicts that break most of the problems of daily life, such as contestations related to violations of contracts, disputes between shareholders or trademarks, patents and possessory rights.

Kátia also advises on issues and disputes concerning labor and employment relations.

Experience has included advising:

  • As a team member, a financial institution in the recovery of bank credit
  • As a team member, a recovery of commercial credit from one of Angola’s biggest real estate companies
  • As a team member, prevention of disputes between one of the largest real estate companies in Angolan and an Angolan bank
  • As a team member, prevention of litigation between companies in the construction sector through out-of-court settlement
  • As a team member, a recovery of commercial credit from the largest cement producers in Angola
  • As a team member, a recovery of commercial credit from one of the largest travel companies

Professional Qualifications

  • 2015 to present, Trainee Lawyer / Associate


  • Catholic University of Angola, Law Degree (2014)


  • Admitted to the Angolan Bar Association