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Edifício Presidente
Largo 17 de Setembro
Nº3, 2º (253)
T: +244 926 612 525
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Firm overview

Advogados Carvalho & Associados (ADCA) provides the services of a multidisciplinary team with an in-depth knowledge of the Angolan market and its legal, economic, cultural and social context. 

African economies are growing rapidly and there are considerable opportunities in Angola. Our office in the capital, Luanda, aims to provide an entry point to the Portuguese-speaking African continent, as we assist our local and international clients with their external growth strategies and expansions. We provide legal services to a wide variety of businesses across all sectors, with a focus on dealmaking and corporate advisory services. 

We advise national and international groups and companies, financial investors and institutions, sponsors, public entities and governments on all the legal aspects of their projects both in Angola and internationally. We work in close partnership with our clients and pride ourselves on a deep understanding of their business. 

In addition, our team possesses a thorough knowledge of the legal, economic and political environment, tailoring our legal practice to the changing face and vitality of the Angolan economy and to our international clients’ aspirations. 

Everything we do reflects our complete dedication to, and strict compliance with, professional standards.

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