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Financial Services

Our team in Angola has experience providing services to banks, private equity and venture capital funds, as well as in advising financial services institutions in both day-to-day and international financing operations. Our financial services team has valuable expertise in international finance, loan syndication, debt lending, debt capital and derivatives. 

We help our clients contend with legal issues in banking – including restructurings, regulatory demands and the compliance costs that have come with reform. 

Our clients include asset managers, building companies, capital markets and their participants, investment banks, private banks, international banks, private equity firms, professional services organizations engaged principally in financial services and retail banks. In addition, we regularly work with retail intermediaries on the legal issues involved in the selling of financial services to consumers.

Experience has included advising:

  • An Angolan bank in all its day to day domestic and international operations, involving banking & finance, litigation & regulatory, IPT, corporate, commercial, real estate, employment and tax;
  • An international bank in a financing operation to the Angolan government;
  • An African institutional bank in an international financing operation to an Angolan bank;
  • An international bank in an international financing operation to the Angolan government for the electrification project of a large rural area of Angola;
  • National clients in a project for the development of banking and financial services, including in IPT; and
  • In the context of an international financing operation carried out by an Angolan bank with commodity guarantees from the mining sector.
  • Tier 3 – Corporate & Finance (IFLR1000 2019)
  • Luís Filipe Carvalho: Leading Lawyer – Highly Regarded (IFLR1000 2019)

Deposit Guarantee Fund

The objective of D.G.F. is to guarantee the repayment of deposits made with banking financial institutions domiciled in national territory and participating in it.

New instructions

The new Private Investment Law (LIP) provides for the approval of a regulation, which will establish the procedures that the foreign investor must comply with, at the level of communication and registration at AIPEX, after the conclusion of the act of investment under the prior declaration regime.

Instructions of the central bank

Limits to the Exchange Transactions for Family Support Creation of an Independent Function of Exchange Control in Banking Financial Institutions Temporary Suspension of Licensing of Exchange Transactions for Importing Goods

New Foreign Investment Law general approval

The new Law will apply to internal and foreign investments, regardless of the value of the investment and will not apply to investments to be made by commercial companies in the public domain in which the State holds the majority or the totality of the share capital.