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Deposit Guarantee Fund

Presidential Decree No. 195/18 of 22 August, which entered into force on that same date, created the Deposit Guarantee Fund (D.G.F.) and its Regulations.

The objective of D.G.F. is to guarantee the repayment of deposits made with banking financial institutions domiciled in national territory and participating in it.

The D.G.F. guarantees the repayment of the total amount of the cash balances of each depositor, provided that this value does not exceed Kz. 12,500,000.00 Kz.

The D.G.F. may intervene in the implementation of resolution measures when requested by the National Bank of Angola but the intervention may not exceed the value of the deposits that would be recoverable by the D.G.F.  in the event of a case of unavailability of deposits.

If D.G.F. has intervention, shall be entitled to a claim on the participating institution which is the subject of the resolution, in the amount corresponding to that intervention and benefiting from the credit privileges provided for in the Regulation.

All banking financial institutions that are authorized to take deposits and are subject to the supervision of the National Bank of Angola must participate in the D.G.F. and shall inform the respective depositors when their deposits are excluded from guarantee.