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Our lawyers in Angola provide complete corporate solutions for domestic companies and foreign investors. We regularly structure complex transactions, coordinate cross-border deals, perform due diligence, advise on regulatory compliance, provide financial and tax advice and prepare all necessary documents for closing. 

Our focus areas include mergers and acquisitions, finance, compliance, employment, tax, competition, restructuring, equity and debt offerings and private equity. 

Our corporate team supports leading Angolan's and international companies, emerging and startup companies and financial institutions in their development and investment activities. 

We also assist foreign companies to incorporate new companies or branches in Angola under the Private Investment Law.

Experience has included advising:

  • Regarding the restructuring in Angola of a global infrastructure group (transport and health) with the incorporation of the new Angolan branches;
  • A corporate project for a foreign company regarding a joint-venture in the mining sector;
  • A corporate group in distribution and sales of soft drinks sector with the incorporation of the holding company;
  • A real estate corporate group with a new foreign investor and the incorporation of different subsidiaries to acquire new real estate assets; and
  • An international client in the acquisition of a share position in an Angolan ecommerce and electronic payment services company, including legal audit and ongoing transaction consulting.
  • Tier 3 – Corporate and Finance (IFLR1000 2019)
  • Luís Filipe Carvalho: Leading Lawyer – Highly Regarded (IFLR1000 2019)

Privatization alert in Angola

As part of the privatization programme in force in Angola (PROPRIV), the President of the Republic, through four Presidential Orders, has recently determined four state transactions.

Law of Public-Private Partnerships

Law No. 11/19 of 14 of May established the general bases applicable to the prioritization, design, launching, modification, monitoring and overall monitoring of Public-Private Partnerships ("PPP").

Incorporation and register of Sociedades Gestoras de Patrimónios

The Presidential Legislative Decree No. 2/17 of 9 August regulates the regime of Sociedades Gestoras de Património (Asset Management Companies, hereinafter referred to as AMCs) which are a non-banking financial institutions connected to the capital market and investment, and whose purpose is the activity of asset management belonging to third parties as well as the provision of investment advisory services.

IFLR 1000

Luís Filipe Carvalho has been distinguished as Leading Lawyer, Highly Regarded by IFLR 1000. One of the most prestigious international directories of lawyers and law firms.