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Finance and Projects

Our lawyers in Angola have an in-depth knowledge of the sector as a result of their continuous involvement in financial transactions, licensing of entities and financial products and collective investment schemes. 

The team provides legal advice on:

  • corporate finance;
  • project finance;
  • structured finance;
  • business funding;
  • corporate governance, including fund management entities;
  • compliance policies and elaboration of internal rules and regulations regarding best practices and adoption of control mechanisms;
  • derivatives, swaps and futures markets;
  • risk control and mitigation mechanisms under financial transactions; and
  • securities.

The PPP practice plays a very important role at ADCA. PPPs are an instrument of economic development, with a view to creating and developing transport, energy, water and environment infrastructure, as the recent approval of the PPP legal framework in Angola shows.

Foreign investment is one of ADCA's most important practice areas, in light of the recent trends in Angola, due to the investment potential of the country over the last decade. ADCA also has broad experience in following up procedures regarding implementation of business structures in Angola. 

Among ADCA’s clients are multinational and international companies, working in sectors such as production, distribution, investment, consulting and provision of services, including companies that operate in the movement of goods, services and capital, from or to Angola.


  • Labor law
  • Immigration
  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Profit and / or dividend repatriation from Angola to foreign countries

Experience has included advising:

  •  On operations in which several companies are involved and other collective investment schemes such as pension funds, investment funds;

  • Investment-fund managing companies, real estate investment funds and pension funds regarding the applicable rules and regulations, reporting duties and subscriber/beneficiary rights;
  • On structured finance projects with proprietary and movable securities;
  • On senior debt and short term debt restructuring of various companies;
  • On financial restructuring and associated debt;
  • On designing, financing and negotiating various real estate projects;
  • On restructuring and funding pension funds;
  • On companies' operations, collective investment schemes such as pension funds, real estate investment funds and securities, as well as the respective managing entities; and
  • Funding companies in the negotiation and elaboration of funding and project contracts in various industrial projects.
  • Tier 3 – Corporate and Finance (IFLR1000 2019)

Regulation on Private Investment Law

Presidential Decree No. 250/18 of October 30, which entered into force on the same day and revoked Presidential Decree No. 182/15 of September 30 and Presidential Decree 164/17 of July 12, approved the Regulation of Private Investment Law (Law no. 10/18 of June 26).

New Private Investment Law

This new Private Investment Law (PIL), which entered into force on June 26, establishes the principles and general bases of private investment in Angola, establishes the benefits and facilities that the Angolan State grants to private investors and the criteria for access to them, and establishes the rights, duties and the guarantees of private investors.