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Energy and Natural Resources

The energy and natural resources sector is one of the most active industries in Angola and our lawyers deliver to our clients the focused, innovative sector advice they need, locally and beyond. 

We are entering an era of unprecedented demand for power generation and transmission, especially in Africa. This dynamic, together with the challenges we all face from climate change, is creating new opportunities for alternative energies and new technologies. 

Our energy clients receive coordinated, across-the-board coverage, including construction and projects, corporate, competition, regulatory, contractual, trading, litigation/arbitration, dispute resolution and tax issues. We understand the technical, geographical, commercial and geopolitical factors that shape the industry and have first-hand access to contacts, sponsors and decision makers. 

We advise our clients on energy and natural resources and have been involved in energy projects, particularly those related to gas, oil, hydro and renewals such as solar and wind.

Experience has included advising:

  • On the production, distribution, transportation and sale of gas and derivatives;
  • In the context of a foreign investment in the mining sector, with the development of the entire project, including licensing, corporate, employment, regulatory and tax;
  • An Angolan company with a corporate restructuring operation with a leading multinational shareholder in the oil and gas sector;
  • An Angolan that is a leader in oil shipping, in finance and projects, corporate, IPT, regulatory and with the creation and implementation of their compliance program;
  • In the development of renewable energy projects regarding real estate, regulatory, energy, corporate and commercial issues; and
  • Oil suppliers, namely ship transporters, service providers, manpower, producers and distributors in their legal issues.

Conference - 14th December

Last Friday, 14th December, DLA Piper UK hosted a Conference in partnership with Invest Africa. The keynote speaker was Engº João Basptista Borges, Minister of the Energy and Water of Angola.