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Our employment lawyers advise clients in Angola on employment legislation, helping them meet their workforce objectives. 

Our legal services cover all strands of employment and social security, including human resource matters and day to day business assistance. We have experience in drafting legal opinions, employment contracts, service provision agreements, including those for senior officers and foreign workers, structuring of benefit plans, business restructuring, outsourcing, transfers of undertakings, employment flexibility policies, collective dismissals, disciplinary proceedings, negotiation of employment contract termination agreements, work post abandonment procedures, due diligence and litigation and regulatory. 

We partner with our domestic and international clients, wherever they do business, to find solutions and manage risk in relation to their employment, incentives and pensions legal challenges and objectives. 

We work with our clients locally, internationally and across borders. Our global reach and local knowledge means that we can partner with clients to drive consistency, deliver cost savings and help them identify and manage their priorities and risk in Angola and beyond.

Experience has included advising:

  • An oil and gas company in the process of collective dismissal of hundreds of workers, with appropriate negotiations with the collective representative entities;
  • A leading manpower company which has thousands of workers with clients, regarding management and termination of employment contracts, the application of disciplinary measures and litigation and regulatory components, with a considerable amount of court proceedings;
  • A chain of stores of a well-known brand of beach slippers in a legal due diligence and permanent monitoring of their employment agreements;
  • Companies in due diligence and compliance matters regarding the hiring of expats;
  • Several national and multinational companies in restructurings including staff reductions, through agreements with workers, reorganization of services and amendments to employment agreements;
  • A national oil and gas company whose clients are multinational companies in the industry in defining working conditions structured in accordance with industry best practices, including compliance, ethics, antibribery, data protection, working hours, policies and internal regulations, amendments to employment agreements, new employment agreements and in-house training;
  • Several multinational companies in the definition and execution of procedures, means of action and agreement documents to be signed so that workers' salaries are no longer indexed to USD; and
  • An Angolan bank in all employment matters, including representing the clients in litigation against employees.