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General strategy for the award of petroleum concessions for the period of 2019-2025

National Agency for Oil, Gas and Biofuels (ANPG)

Presidential Decree No. 61/19 (February 18) appointed the following entities to join the ANPG Board of Directors:

  • Paulino Fernando de Carvalho Jerónimo (Chairman)
  • Belarmino Emílio Chitangueleca (Director)
  • César Paxi Pedro (Director)
  • Natacha Alexandre Tavares Ferreira Monteiro Massano (Director)
  • Gerson Henda Baptista Afonso dos Santos (Director)

Presidential Decree No. 52/19 (February 18) approved the General Strategy for the Award of Petroleum Concessions for the period 2019-2025.

There are three types of award of concessions

  • Public tender
  • Limited Public Tender
  • Direct Negotiation

Public Tender

  • ANPG associates with third entities to jointly execute petroleum operations in a specific area
  • The concession is granted through a Concession Decree becoming effective upon signature of the Contract, which may be a Joint Operating Agreement or a Production Sharing Agreement
  • The procedures to be adopted for the public tender are those established in Presidential Decree No. 86/18 (April 2)
  • Sonangol may assume a minimum of 20% of the new oil concessions
  • Sonangol will have the right to be financed by up to 20% in its exploration operations, by international associates, if it is not an operator.

Limited Public Tender

  • This category will exist when national strategic interest justifies that the assignment of ANPG Associate status is limited to a limited number of previously selected companies
  • This category will be applied in areas that have already been abandoned and restored to the state sphere or to others, upon a duly justified request from the ANPG to the Executive

Direct Negotiation

  • This category provides for the direct award of concessions by means of the approval of a Concession Decree in favor of the National Concessionaire, which in turn will enter into a Risk Service Contract (RSC) with a company or a group of companies that comply with the requirements of the Presidential Decree
  • This category is subject to previous opinion of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum.

Category and deadline for each block to be tendered

Years Category  Blocks
Negotiations must be
completed by the end of the
first semester of 2019
Direct Negotiation 6; 30; 44; 45; 46 and 47
2019 Public Tender Namibe Basin:11; 12; 13; 27; 28; 29; 41; 42 and 43
Benguela Basin:10.
2020  Congo Onshore Basin: CON1; CON5 and CON6
Cuanza Onshore Basin: KON5; KON6; KON8; KON9; KON17 and KON20
2021  Limited Public Tender Offshore Blocks (marine blocks): 7; 8; 9; 16; 33 and 34
Free Areas: 31 and 32
2023  Public Tender Congo Onshore Basin: CON2; CON3; CON7 and CON8
Cuanza Basin: KON1; KON3; KON7; KON10; KON13; KON14; KON15 and KON19
2025  Limited Public Tender 22; 24; 25; 26; 35;36; 37; 38; 39 and 40

Promotion of new areas

These areas include the Etosha, Okavango and Cassange Inland Basins, as well as the maritime and land area of the Namibe Basin.

The Inland Basins should be divided into blocks by 2022 and be tendered in the following year.

The blocks returned to the state sphere of the pre-salt area of the 2012 campaign should be re-evaluated for re-launch in 2025.

Additional data collection in the production areas of the Congo Basin should be encouraged in order to gauge the additional potential mainly close to oil installations.