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Occupational Safety, Hygiene and Health

Law No.19/2014

Law on the Protection of People, Workers and Jobseekers Living with HIV and AIDS.

Decree No. 62/2013

Approves the Regulation establishing the Legal Regime for Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases and repeals Legislative Diploma No. 1706 of 19 October 1957.

Decree No. 61/2006

Approves the Health and Technical Safety Regulation for Geological-Mineral Activities and repeals legislation that contradicts this Regulation.

Ordinance No. 12.227 of 1957

Establishes the rates to be applied in the determination of the mathematical reserves of pensions for accidents at work of the insurance companies and also the method of calculating the redemption capital referred to in article 61 of Legislative Diploma no. 706, October 19, 1957.