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Taxes form an essential part of the expenditure of every business. One way through which a business can save a substantial amount of its hard-earned money is by being tax efficient. Tax efficiency calls for a sound understanding of various taxes and their ever changing rules and exceptions. 

Professional tax advice is, therefore, key to the success of every business. Chibesakunda & Co’s tax team can ensure that your business or transaction is appropriately modelled, that you are kept abreast of changing legislation and that you legally pay the least amount of tax possible.

Experience has included advising:

  • U&M Mining Zambia in respect of withholding taxes payable on leases of mining machinery.
  • Hermans and Romans Limited on aspects of the structuring, financing and taxation of the acquisition of the Manda Hill Centre Limited.
  • Focus Financial Services Zambia Limited on the taxation aspects of the ZMW400 million medium term note programme.
  • Teal Exploration and Mining Inc in respect of taxes and tax incentives applicable to companies conducting mining operations in Zambia.
  • Byrnecut Mining International Limited Zambia in relation to input VAT recovery claims against the Zambia Revenue Authority.

Immigration law and practice in the African oil and gas industry

A global economy requires multinationals to adopt a global business strategy, which invariably involves the need to transfer a firm’s most important asset – its people – in a fluid way across national borders. That is why managing the mobilization of expatriate employees in the most efficient way, including handling strategic immigration, labor and tax legal issues, is critical for the oil and gas industry.

The Kenyan tax landscape

When setting up an investment in a foreign country, an understanding of the tax landscape is often the difference between a profitable venture and one that is not. In Kenya, the tax regime is comprised of four main tax heads: income tax, value added tax (VAT), excise duty and customs duty.

Investing in Africa: The Big Five of tax structuring

What foreign investors in Africa need to know about capital gains tax, withholding tax, permanent establishment, corporate income tax, and investment protection planning via bilateral investment treaties.