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Energy and Natural Resources

We continue to represent clients in some of the major energy and infrastructure projects in Zambia and have considerable experience in these sectors. 

Our credentials include involvement in some of the most high-profile energy and infrastructure projects to have been undertaken in Zambia. 

Our team has market-leading credentials and significant experience in energy and infrastructure which enable us to appropriately respond to varying client needs.

Experience has included advising:

  • The Zambian government on the dispute and international arbitration over assets of the Kariba North Bank with the Zimbabwean government
  • The Development Bank of South Africa on the USD115 million financing for the Kariba North Bank electricity generation project
  • Trans Zambezi Industries Limited on the intended acquisition of a hydro-electricity generation plant
  • Nava Bharat on the establishment of a USD600 million thermal coal-fuelled power plant at Maamba Collieries Limited
  • Ndola Energy Company Limited on the establishment of a USD50 million 50 MW heavy-fuel oil power plant
  • Puma Energy Limited on the acquisition of BP Zambia Limited
  • ZESCO on the 120 MW, USD300 million Itezi Tezhi power project
  • Western Power Company Limited on the establishment of 40 MW hydro-power plant at Ngonye Falls