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Regulation on border trade

Presidential Decree No. 210/18 of 11 of September, which entered into force on the same date, established the rules and procedures for exceptions on the organization and operation of foreign trade operations carried out by persons resident in the administrative regions of the territory national border.

Border Administrative Regions shall be the entire national territorial area close to or adjacent to the land borders of the Republic of Angola with neighboring countries within a radius of up to 10 km from the border into the interior of the country.

Beneficiaries of border trade status shall:

  • To be natural persons, with the capacity to practice trade acts;
  • Have a record in the Local State Administration, territorially competent, with the composition of the respective household;
  • Habitually reside within the regulated territorial limits;
  • Be included in the certificate of residence and household, issued by the Local Administration of State which is territorially competent.

Beneficiaries are exempt:

  • License of import, export or any other visa, authorization or certification imposed by the general regime for the licensing of foreign trade operations;
  • Completion of customs formalities and payment of customs duties on goods traded under this Regulation.

Only border trade in products obtained from agriculture, fisheries and livestock from the national territory intended for self-consumption, industrial products manufactured in national territory intended for self-consumption and imported food products are permitted.

Border trade does not include cement and clinker, fuels and their derivatives and products subject to the protection of flora and fauna.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the cross-border commercial operations are those which are carried out in quantities compatible with the subsistence or self-consumption needs of the purchaser and do not exceed in their total the maximum value of 204 UCF, referenced to the national minimum wage, per day and per each beneficiary, and they are intended exclusively for self-consumption or household or personal domestic use, with no commercial purpose.

For the exercise of border trade, qualified persons must, before the services of the General Tax Administration, which are territorially competent, to provide proof of residence, the beneficiary registry and their household, upon presentation of the document issued by the local administration of residence.

Border trade operations whose quantity and value exceed the limits provided for in this Regulation shall be governed by the rules on foreign trade operations.