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Joseph B. Alexander, Jr.
Joseph B. Alexander, Jr. Global Co-Chair, CorporatePartnerDLA PiperNew York
Paul Allen
Paul Allen PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Daan Arends
Daan Arends PartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Chris Baird
Chris Baird PartnerDLA PiperLondon
George Barboutis
George Barboutis PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Martin Bartlam
Martin Bartlam Global Co-Chair, Finance & ProjectsPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Leo Batalov
Leo Batalov PartnerDLA PiperMoscow
Joe Bauerschmidt
Joe Bauerschmidt PartnerDLA PiperSingapore
Robert H. Bergdolt
Robert H. Bergdolt PartnerDLA PiperRaleigh
Larissa S. Bifano
Larissa S. Bifano PartnerDLA PiperBoston
Petra Billing
Petra Billing Europe, Middle East and Africa Lead, Mining SectorPartnerDLA PiperSheffield
Robert Bishop
Robert Bishop Global Co-Chair, CorporatePartnerDLA PiperLondon
Alessandro Boso Caretta
Alessandro Boso Caretta PartnerDLA PiperRome
Roderik Bouwman
Roderik Bouwman Global Co-Chair, TaxPartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Iain Bowler
Iain Bowler PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Alexander Brabant
Alexander Brabant PartnerDLA PiperParis
Bertold Bär-Bouyssière
Bertold Bär-Bouyssière PartnerDLA PiperBrussels
Loren H. Brown
Loren H. Brown Global Co-Chair, Litigation & RegulatoryPartnerDLA PiperNew York
Kate Brown de Vejar
Kate Brown de Vejar PartnerDLA PiperMexico City
Karl H. Buch
Karl H. Buch PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Kit Burden
Kit Burden Global Co-Chair, Technology SectorPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Nathan Bush
Nathan Bush PartnerDLA PiperSingapore
Trevor Butcher
Trevor Butcher PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Christopher G. Campbell
Christopher G. Campbell PartnerDLA PiperAtlanta
James Carter
James Carter PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Kate Cervantes-Knox
Kate Cervantes-Knox PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Kevin Chan
Kevin Chan PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Simon Charbit
Simon Charbit PartnerDLA PiperParis
Edward Chatterton
Edward Chatterton PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Richard A. Chesley
Richard A. Chesley Global Co-Chair, RestructuringPartnerDLA PiperChicago
Philip Chong
Philip Chong PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Linos Choo
Linos Choo PartnerDLA PiperLondon
T. Daniel Christenbury
T. Daniel Christenbury PartnerDLA PiperPhiladelphia
David Church
David Church CEO, DLA Piper AfricaPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Mike Conradi
Mike Conradi PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Joel Cooper
Joel Cooper PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Robert L. Crewdson
Robert L. Crewdson PartnerDLA PiperAtlanta
Alan Cunningham
Alan Cunningham PartnerDLA PiperLondon
John T. Cusack
John T. Cusack Global Co-Chair, Finance & ProjectsPartnerDLA PiperNew York
Caroline Daout
Caroline Daout PartnerDLA PiperBrussels
Sebastian Decker LL.M.
Sebastian Decker LL.M. PartnerDLA PiperHamburg
Marco de Morpurgo
Marco de Morpurgo Global Co-Chair, Life Sciences SectorPartnerDLA PiperRome
Paul Dineen
Paul Dineen PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Ian Doig
Ian Doig PartnerDLA PiperSheffield
Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry
Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry Global Co-Chair, Litigation & RegulatoryPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Gina Durham
Gina Durham PartnerDLA PiperSan Francisco
Mark Dwyer
Mark Dwyer Global Co-Chair, Financial Services SectorPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards PartnerDLA PiperPerth
Jay Epstein
Jay Epstein Co-Chair, Global Real Estate SectorPartnerDLA PiperWashington, DC
Lesli C. Esposito
Lesli C. Esposito PartnerDLA PiperPhiladelphia
Bruce E. Falby
Bruce E. Falby PartnerDLA PiperBoston
Sammy Fang
Sammy Fang PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Dean Fealk
Dean Fealk PartnerDLA PiperSan Francisco
Richard Fens
Richard Fens Global Co-Chair, Industrials SectorPartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Francesco Ferrari
Francesco Ferrari PartnerDLA PiperMilan
Jay Gary Finkelstein
Jay Gary Finkelstein PartnerDLA PiperNorthern Virginia
William (Skip) Fisher
William (Skip) Fisher PartnerDLA PiperShanghai
Nick Fitzpatrick
Nick Fitzpatrick Global Co-Chair, Media, Sport and Entertainment SectorPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Stefanie Jill Fogel
Stefanie Jill Fogel Global Co-Chair, Consumer Goods and Retail SectorPartnerDLA PiperBoston
John Forrest
John Forrest PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Mark D. Fowler
Mark D. Fowler PartnerDLA PiperSilicon Valley
Mark Franklin
Mark Franklin PartnerDLA PiperLondon
John Gallagher
John Gallagher PartnerDLA PiperMelbourne
Dr Markus Gampp LL.M.
Dr Markus Gampp LL.M. PartnerDLA PiperMunich
Prof Dr Ludger Giesberts LL.M.
Prof Dr Ludger Giesberts LL.M. PartnerDLA PiperCologne
Andrew P. Gilbert
Andrew P. Gilbert Global Co-Chair, Life Sciences SectorPartnerDLA PiperNew Jersey (Short Hills)
Paul Giles
Paul Giles PartnerDLA PiperManchester
John J. Gilluly III
John J. Gilluly III Global Co-Chair, CorporatePartnerDLA PiperAustin
Bruno Giuffré
Bruno Giuffré PartnerDLA PiperMilan
Satpal Gobindpuri
Satpal Gobindpuri PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
David A. Goldstein
David A. Goldstein PartnerDLA PiperNew York
John Goulios
John Goulios Global Co-Chair, Insurance SectorPartnerDLA PiperSingapore
Richard G. Greenstein
Richard G. Greenstein PartnerDLA PiperAtlanta
Robert J. Gruendel
Robert J. Gruendel Global Co-Chair, Energy and Natural Resources SectorPartnerDLA PiperNew York
Andreas Gunst
Andreas Gunst PartnerDLA PiperVienna
Sarmad Haidar
Sarmad Haidar PartnerDLA PiperParis
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert PartnerDLA PiperWashington, DC
Jeffrey L. Hare
Jeffrey L. Hare PartnerDLA PiperWashington, DC
Rob Harker
Rob Harker PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Adam Hartley
Adam Hartley Head of Employment, UKPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Jon Hayes
Jon Hayes PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Noel Haywood
Noel Haywood Global Co-Chair, Consumer Goods and Retail SectorPartnerDLA PiperBirmingham
John M. Hillebrecht
John M. Hillebrecht PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Teresa Hitchcock
Teresa Hitchcock PartnerDLA PiperSheffield
Matt Holian
Matt Holian Global Co-Chair, Life Sciences SectorPartnerDLA PiperBoston
Eamon Holley
Eamon Holley PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Marc A. Horwitz
Marc A. Horwitz PartnerDLA PiperChicago
Brett Ingerman
Brett Ingerman PartnerDLA PiperBaltimore
Melanie James
Melanie James Global Co-Chair, Insurance SectorPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Kerry E. Johnson
Kerry E. Johnson PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Global Co-Chair, Energy and Natural Resources SectorPartnerDLA PiperPerth
Brian S. Kaplan
Brian S. Kaplan Global Co-Chair, EmploymentPartnerDLA PiperNew York
Tony Katz
Tony Katz Head of Financial Services and InvestigationsPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Simon Kenyon
Simon Kenyon PartnerDLA PiperLeeds
Sang Kim
Sang Kim Global Co-Chair, TaxPartnerDLA PiperSilicon Valley
Jonathan D. King
Jonathan D. King PartnerDLA PiperChicago
Jonathan Klein
Jonathan Klein PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Gerard Kneppers
Gerard Kneppers PartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Jamie Knox
Jamie Knox PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Léon Korsten
Léon Korsten PartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Howard Krupat
Howard Krupat PartnerDLA PiperToronto
Andrew D. Ledbetter
Andrew D. Ledbetter PartnerDLA PiperSeattle
Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee Global Co-Chair, Technology SectorPartnerDLA PiperSilicon Valley
Paul Lee
Paul Lee PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Vonnick Le Guillou
Vonnick Le Guillou PartnerDLA PiperParis
Mark C. Lehberg
Mark C. Lehberg PartnerDLA PiperSan Diego (Golden Triangle)
Jeffrey K. Lehrer
Jeffrey K. Lehrer PartnerDLA PiperNorthern Virginia
Stéphane Lemarchand
Stéphane Lemarchand Managing Director, Clients and SectorsPartnerDLA PiperParis
Fredrik Lindblom
Fredrik Lindblom PartnerDLA PiperOslo
Natasha Luther-Jones
Natasha Luther-Jones Global Co-Chair, Energy and Natural Resources SectorPartnerDLA PiperLeeds
Tim Lyons
Tim Lyons PartnerDLA PiperMelbourne
John Lyons
John Lyons Global Co-Chair, Industrials SectorPartnerDLA PiperChicago
Nicholas Mallard
Nicholas Mallard PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Stephen Malley
Stephen Malley PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Gregory A. Manter
Gregory A. Manter PartnerDLA PiperSan Diego (Golden Triangle)
Nathaniel Marrs
Nathaniel Marrs PartnerDLA PiperChicago
Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall Global Co-Chair, EmploymentPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Aidan M. McCormack
Aidan M. McCormack PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Michael McKee
Michael McKee PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Mark E. McKeen
Mark E. McKeen PartnerDLA PiperSan Francisco
Anthony L. Meagher
Anthony L. Meagher PartnerDLA PiperBaltimore
Bruce Mee
Bruce Mee PartnerDLA PiperParis
Myriam Mejdoubi
Myriam Mejdoubi PartnerDLA PiperParis
Ronan Mellon
Ronan Mellon PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Antoine Mercier
Antoine Mercier Global Co-Chair, Real EstatePartnerDLA PiperParis
Dr Andreas Meyer-Landrut
Dr Andreas Meyer-Landrut PartnerDLA PiperCologne
Sam Millar
Sam Millar PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Charles Morrison
Charles Morrison PartnerDLA PiperLondon
David Moss
David Moss PartnerDLA PiperManchester
Niels Mulder
Niels Mulder PartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Michael P. Murphy
Michael P. Murphy Global Co-Chair, Insurance SectorPartnerDLA PiperNew York
Théobald Naud
Théobald Naud PartnerDLA PiperParis
Martin Nelson-Jones
Martin Nelson-Jones Global Co-Chair, Infrastructure SectorPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Richard Newcomb
Richard Newcomb PartnerDLA PiperWashington, DC
Richard Norman
Richard Norman PartnerDLA PiperSheffield
Theodore J. Novak
Theodore J. Novak PartnerDLA PiperChicago
Samantha O'Brien
Samantha O'Brien PartnerDLA PiperBrisbane
Kieran O'Brien
Kieran O'Brien PartnerDLA PiperMelbourne
Michael Ostrove
Michael Ostrove Global Co-Chair of International ArbitrationPartnerDLA PiperParis
Sibel Owji
Sibel Owji PartnerDLA PiperSan Francisco
Christopher C. Paci
Christopher C. Paci PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Simon Palmer
Simon Palmer PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Dimitri Papaefstratiou
Dimitri Papaefstratiou PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Prakash (PK) Paran
Prakash (PK) Paran Global Co-Chair, Insurance SectorPartnerDLA PiperNew York
David B. Parrish
David B. Parrish PartnerDLA PiperAustin
Nicolas Patrick
Nicolas Patrick PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Tony Payne
Tony Payne PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Stacy M. Paz
Stacy M. Paz PartnerDLA PiperSilicon Valley
Marc Philibert
Marc Philibert PartnerDLA PiperMontréal
Henry Quinlan
Henry Quinlan PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Raffaella Quintana
Raffaella Quintana PartnerDLA PiperRome
Ellis L. Reemer
Ellis L. Reemer PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Richard J. Reilly, Jr.
Richard J. Reilly, Jr. PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Susheela Rivers
Susheela Rivers Co-Chair, Global Real Estate SectorPartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Gerald Rokoff
Gerald Rokoff PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Frank W. Ryan
Frank W. Ryan Global Co-Chair, Intellectual Property and TechnologyPartnerDLA PiperNew York
Courtney Gilligan Saleski
Courtney Gilligan Saleski PartnerDLA PiperPhiladelphia
Vinny Sanchez
Vinny Sanchez PartnerDLA PiperChicago
Robynne Sanders
Robynne Sanders PartnerDLA PiperMelbourne
Kerstin Schnabel
Kerstin Schnabel PartnerDLA PiperCologne
Frank Schwem
Frank Schwem Global Co-Chair, Financial Services SectorPartnerDLA PiperFrankfurt
Michael Senkowski
Michael Senkowski PartnerDLA PiperWashington, DC
Peter Shelford
Peter Shelford PartnerDLA PiperBangkok
Jonathan Siegfried
Jonathan Siegfried PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Michael A. Silva
Michael A. Silva PartnerDLA PiperMiami
Richard Skipper
Richard Skipper PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Gregory K. Smith
Gregory K. Smith US Co-Chair, Projects and InfrastructurePartnerDLA PiperWashington, DC
Peter Somekh
Peter Somekh Global Co-Chair, RestructuringPartnerDLA PiperDubai
Bruce W. Stratton
Bruce W. Stratton PartnerDLA PiperToronto
John L. Sullivan
John L. Sullivan Global Co-Chair, Real EstatePartnerDLA PiperBoston
Andrew Symons
Andrew Symons PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Alex Tamlyn
Alex Tamlyn PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Joseph Tato
Joseph Tato PartnerDLA PiperNew York
Lisa Tenorio-Kutzkey
Lisa Tenorio-Kutzkey PartnerDLA PiperSan Francisco
Scott Thiel
Scott Thiel PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong
Gregory Tulquois
Gregory Tulquois PartnerDLA PiperParis
Dr Kai Tumbrägel LL.M.
Dr Kai Tumbrägel LL.M. PartnerDLA PiperCologne
Melinda Upton
Melinda Upton Global Co-Chair, Intellectual Property and TechnologyPartnerDLA PiperSydney
Patrick Van Eecke
Patrick Van Eecke PartnerDLA PiperBrussels
Adam Vause
Adam Vause PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Nancy J. Victory
Nancy J. Victory PartnerDLA PiperWashington, DC
Eric Villateau
Eric Villateau PartnerDLA PiperParis
Peter C. White
Peter C. White Global Co-Chair, Media, Sport and Entertainment SectorPartnerDLA PiperNew York
Sander Wiggers
Sander Wiggers PartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Richard Wilkinson
Richard Wilkinson PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Richard Woolich
Richard Woolich PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Tim Wright
Tim Wright PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Andrew Wylie
Andrew Wylie PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Ernest Yang
Ernest Yang PartnerDLA PiperHong Kong

Additional team

Richard Dassin
Richard Dassin AssociateDLA PiperDubai
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis Senior AssociateDLA PiperHong Kong
Eda Demirel
Eda Demirel Legal DirectorDLA PiperLondon
Maxime Desplats
Maxime Desplats CounselDLA PiperParis
Carolyn Dong
Carolyn Dong Foreign Legal ConsultantDLA PiperHong Kong
Silvia Farre
Silvia Farre Senior AssociateDLA PiperLondon
Randall Fox
Randall Fox Co-Head International Transfer PricingDLA PiperLondon
John E. Griffith, Jr.
John E. Griffith, Jr. Senior CounselDLA PiperBaltimore
Mathilde Hallé
Mathilde Hallé AssociateDLA PiperParis
Grant W. Henderson
Grant W. Henderson DirectorDLA PiperLondon
Brenda Hill
Brenda Hill Legal DirectorDLA PiperDoha
Mark Hilton
Mark Hilton ConsultantDLA PiperLondon