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Key Africa-wide contacts

David Ampaw
David Ampaw PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Fabrice Armand
Fabrice Armand PartnerDLA PiperCasablanca
Christophe Bachelet
Christophe Bachelet Managing PartnerDLA PiperCasablanca
Chris Baird
Chris Baird PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Camilia Benani
Camilia Benani PartnerDLA PiperCasablanca
Alexander Brabant
Alexander Brabant PartnerDLA PiperParis
Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw DirectorDLA PiperJohannesburg
Eduardo Alberto da Costa Calú
Eduardo Alberto da Costa Calú Managing PartnerSAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda.Maputo
James Carter
James Carter PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Luís Filipe Carvalho
Luís Filipe Carvalho Managing PartnerADCALuanda
Chikosola Chuula
Chikosola Chuula PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Mike Conradi
Mike Conradi PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Boubacar Diakité
Boubacar Diakité Senior AssociateGENI & KEBE LawyersDakar
Paul Dineen
Paul Dineen PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry
Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry Managing Director, Sustainability and ResiliencePartnerDLA PiperLondon
Nicholas Ecimu
Nicholas Ecimu PartnerS&L AdvocatesKampala
Paul Hopman
Paul Hopman Global Co-Chair Litigation & RegulatoryPartnerDLA PiperAmsterdam
Dayo Idowu
Dayo Idowu PartnerOlajide Oyewole LLPLagos
Monique Jefferson
Monique Jefferson DirectorDLA PiperJohannesburg
Kamau Karori
Kamau Karori Senior PartnerIKM AdvocatesNairobi
Mouhamed Kebe
Mouhamed Kebe Managing PartnerGENI & KEBE LawyersDakar
Alexander Kolmakov
Alexander Kolmakov PartnerDLA Piper
Caleb Langat
Caleb Langat PartnerIKM AdvocatesNairobi
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis DirectorDLA PiperJohannesburg
Jamie MacDonald
Jamie MacDonald DirectorDLA PiperJohannesburg
William Maema
William Maema Senior PartnerIKM AdvocatesNairobi
Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall Global Co-Chair, EmploymentPartnerDLA PiperLondon
Myriam Mejdoubi
Myriam Mejdoubi PartnerDLA PiperParis
Anna Mills
Anna Mills PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Amel Mrabet
Amel Mrabet PartnerEl Ajeri Lawyers - EALTunis
Jabulani Nhongo
Jabulani Nhongo Managing PartnerManokore AttorneysHarare
Michael Ostrove
Michael Ostrove Global Co-Chair of International ArbitrationPartnerDLA PiperParis
Sandra Oyewole
Sandra Oyewole PartnerOlajide Oyewole LLPLagos
Tunde Oyewole
Tunde Oyewole PartnerOlajide Oyewole LLPLagos
Chris Parker
Chris Parker PartnerDLA PiperLondon
Jackie Pennington
Jackie Pennington DirectorDLA PiperJohannesburg
Duncan Pickering
Duncan Pickering PartnerDLA PiperAbu Dhabi
Samuel Salako
Samuel Salako PartnerOlajide Oyewole LLPLagos
Ben Sanderson
Ben Sanderson Global Practice Manager for International ArbitrationOf CounselDLA Piper
Moses Segawa
Moses Segawa PartnerS&L AdvocatesKampala
Janine Simpson
Janine Simpson DirectorDLA PiperJohannesburg
Kirsty Simpson
Kirsty Simpson DirectorDLA PiperJohannesburg
Rakhee Singh
Rakhee Singh DirectorDLA Piper South Africa
Iain Skinner
Iain Skinner PartnerDLA PiperDubai
Ashely Zefira
Ashely Zefira PartnerDLA Piper

Additional team

Mohamed Abragh
Mohamed Abragh PartnerEl Ajeri Lawyers - EALTunis
Winnie Awino
Winnie Awino PartnerS&L AdvocatesKampala
Jurie Badenhorst
Jurie Badenhorst DirectorEllis Shilengudwa Inc.Windhoek
Mounir Ait Belkacem
Mounir Ait Belkacem PartnerL&P PartnersAlgiers
José Manuel Caldeira
José Manuel Caldeira Founding and Senior PartnerSAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda.Maputo
Madina Chenge
Madina Chenge PartnerIMMMA AdvocatesDar es Salaam
Mwelwa Chibesakunda
Mwelwa Chibesakunda Managing PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Jayne Eleanor Maja Cross
Jayne Eleanor Maja Cross PartnerMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Terence Dambe
Terence Dambe Managing PartnerMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Benoit de Monval
Benoit de Monval PartnerDLA Piper CasablancaCasablanca
Christa De Wet
Christa De Wet DirectorEllis Shilengudwa Inc.Windhoek
Mohamed Dieng
Mohamed Dieng PartnerGENI & KEBE LawyersDakar