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Infrastructure Finance

Our lawyers in Zambia have experience in the infrastructure market and act for both sponsors and lenders in a wide range of limited recourse financing transactions. 

We have broad experience of PPP transactions and thorough knowledge of several market sectors, including power (thermal and renewable), transport (roads, airports and shipping), oil, gas, commodities and water.

Experience has included advising:

  • Development Bank of Southern Africa in relation to Ndola Lime Company Limited project financing facility.
  • DEG and FMO on financing projects in Zambia.
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa with regard to major development projects in Zambia.
  • AFD on infrastructure projects in Zambia.
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa in relation to Kariba North Bank Company Limited's (a subsidiary of ZESCO Limited) project financing facility.
  • China Development Bank in respect of financing projects in Zambia.
  • On the Presidential Solar milling initiative.
  • On the USD1.2 billion Kafue Lower Gorge project.
  • Itezhi Tezhi Power Corporation Limited a Private Public Partnership between Zesco Limited and the Tata Africa Group in relation to the USD130 million financing of a 150 MW Hydro Power Station.
  • On the construction of new terminal toll gates at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.