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Filipe Marques de Oliveira

Filipe Marques de Oliveira

Consultant, ADCA

Filipe Marques de Oliveira has been involved in providing assistance on matters related to private investment projects; corporate law; foreign exchange operations; labour issues; oil and maritime activities and corporate restructuring operations for national and international companies, especially with companies with a presence in Angola.

Experience has included advising on:

  • Issues related to private investment projects to multinationals.
  • Company Law (set up and dissolution of several companies).
  • Foreign exchange law issues (foreign exchange transactions), in particular for the oil and gas sector (distribution of dividends, invisible transactions, others).
  • Local content regulation focussed on but not limited to the oil sector.


  • Master in Administrative Law, specialisation in Energy Law; Petroleum, from the Lisbon Law School of the Portuguese Catholic University, 2017;
  • Law Degree, Catholic University of Lisbon Law School 2015

Prior Experience

  • 2020 - Present; DLA Piper ABBC Consultant, Portugal
  • 2020 - Present; ADCA Consultant, Luanda;
  • 2017 - 2020; Legal Advisor at one of the Big Four;
  • 2016 - 2017; Legal Advisor at the Legal Department of an Insurance Company based in Lisbon;
  • 2016 - Internship at the Legal Centre of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (CEJUR), Portugal;
  • 2013 - Internship at a Law Firm based in Lisbon;
  • 2013 - Internship at Law Firm based in Luanda.

Africa Energy Futures: Angola

The Angolan Government has created investment incentive models to be adopted in the renewable energy sector. Through the Atlas and National Strategy for New Renewable Energies plan, a framework to encourage investment in renewable energy was proposed that focuses on attracting private initiatives to the sector.