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Ida Djuma
Ida Djuma Managing PartnerRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Claver Nigarura
Claver Nigarura Senior PartnerRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Willy Rubeya
Willy Rubeya ChairpersonRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura

Additional team

Gratia Gahimbare
Gratia Gahimbare AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Ange Dorine Irakoze
Ange Dorine Irakoze Chief Operating OfficerPartnerRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Elsie-Michelle Irakoze
Elsie-Michelle Irakoze Senior AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Florence Kankindi
Florence Kankindi Head of Human ResourceSenior AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Alice Manirambona
Alice Manirambona AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesNgozi
Melissa Ndayikengurukiye
Melissa Ndayikengurukiye Junior AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Fabien Ndomvyi
Fabien Ndomvyi Head of Tax DepartmentSenior AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Régine Mireille Niyongabo
Régine Mireille Niyongabo Senior AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Félix Niyongere
Félix Niyongere AssociateRubeya & Co-Advocates / secondary officesGitega
Chrisostome Nsabimana
Chrisostome Nsabimana Head of Litigation and ArbitrationPartnerRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura
Léila Nyagahene
Léila Nyagahene AssociateRubeya & Co-AdvocatesBujumbura