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Luís Filipe Carvalho
Luís Filipe Carvalho Managing PartnerADCALuanda

Additional team

Admilson Milagre
Admilson Milagre AssociateADCALuanda
Ana Sousa e Santos
Ana Sousa e Santos AssociateADCALuanda
André Sacopa
André Sacopa AssociateADCALuanda
Filipe Marques de Oliveira
Filipe Marques de Oliveira ConsultantADCALuanda
Flávio Hemergim Salongue
Flávio Hemergim Salongue AssociateADCALuanda
Islândia Ribeiro
Islândia Ribeiro Senior AssociateADCALuanda
Joana Matos Lima
Joana Matos Lima ConsultantADCALisbon
João Guedes
João Guedes Of CounselADCALisbon
Joni Garcia
Joni Garcia AssociateADCALuanda
Kátia Lubaco
Kátia Lubaco Senior AssociateADCALuanda
Leandra Cercal
Leandra Cercal AssociateADCALuanda
Leonor Torres
Leonor Torres AssociateADCALuanda
Liudmila Luvambano
Liudmila Luvambano AssociateADCALuanda
Maria de Lourdes Gonga
Maria de Lourdes Gonga Trainee LawyerADCALuanda
Mutombo Kassua
Mutombo Kassua AssociateADCALuanda
Nilsa Freitas
Nilsa Freitas AssociateADCALuanda
Samanta de Castro
Samanta de Castro Trainee LawyerADCALuanda
Sténia da Gama Vilhete
Sténia da Gama Vilhete AssociateADCALuanda
Cidália Correia
Cidália Correia Of CounselADCALisbon
Daniela Rosa
Daniela Rosa Of CounselADCALisbon
Florbela Reis
Florbela Reis Of CounselADCALisbon
Murillo Sanches
Murillo Sanches Of CounselADCALisbon
Paulo Anjo
Paulo Anjo Of CounselADCALisbon