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Mwelwa Chibesakunda
Mwelwa Chibesakunda Managing PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Chikosola Chuula
Chikosola Chuula PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Mutale Kasonde
Mutale Kasonde PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Eustace Ngoma
Eustace Ngoma PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka

Additional team

John Ngisi
John Ngisi Legal DirectorChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Amusa Gabriel Akapelwa
Amusa Gabriel Akapelwa AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Mwamba Chibesakunda
Mwamba Chibesakunda Senior AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Louise De-Assis Chilepa
Louise De-Assis Chilepa Head of Banking and FinanceAssociate PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Chishimba Patricia Kachasa
Chishimba Patricia Kachasa Head of Coprorate AdvisoryAssociate PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Mulenga Kapapula
Mulenga Kapapula AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Mahenga Mahenga
Mahenga Mahenga AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Chilombo Malama
Chilombo Malama Head of Conveyancing and Real EstateAssociate PartnerChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Charles Joseph Mumba
Charles Joseph Mumba Senior AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Towela Musukwa
Towela Musukwa AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Karen Mutale
Karen Mutale Senior AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka
Valentine Mwanza
Valentine Mwanza AssociateChibesakunda & CompanyLusaka